The Metropolitan Transit System contracted with Lan Media Production to develop a Spanish jingle for the Bus and Trolley. David Lan took the initiative to ride the system and experience first hand the message we wanted the jingle to convey. He returned to his recording studio and adapted our message into a catchy, 60-second jingle. David Lan is easy to work with and has the experience and responsiveness that businesses need.

Judith Leitner

Business Development Manager

Metropolitan Transit System

I would like to thank David lan for the Jingle he made for "Buenos Días Californias" It's incredible how a song of thirty-some seconds can describe the essence of a program like the Morning Show, in which I work. It's very gratifying to see how people identify us, just by listening the now classical, musical notes of the program entrance.

All of our listeners know it, sing to it, request for us to play it and they never get tired of it. Congratulations and thank you David, for such a professional job, so full of talent and quality. I also want to mention that it is a pleasure to work with  a team like the one found at David Lan's studio.

Nelly Sanoja

Voice-over talent and co-host of "Bueno Días Californias Morning Show"

Now called "El Despertador"

XLTN 104.5 Radio Latina


Music Productions

Media Buy



TV Commercials




David Lan is talented, creative, responsive and beat every deadline we set.  We actually hired two companies to create a jingle so we would have a choice and there was no comparison! David’s product was so superior.  We ended up with a fun jingle that gets stuck in your head…just what I asked for.  

Jim Higgins


Nashville, TN.