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We're a San Diego, CA-based music and Jingles production house. We take care of the production of Jingles in Spanish or/and English.

Catchy melodies, great hooks!

Our custom-made commercial jingles are original, catchy, and unforgettable! For the Hispanic and General Markets.

Sonic Branding - Your clients will recognize you instantly.

Our advertising custom-made sonic branding music, is effective in creating recognition and reinforcing your brand.

Either with singing Jingles or with custom-made background music for commercials or with Sonic Logos that with only a few notes (4 to 10 usually) get recognized and give your brand a unique advantage.

An original, catchy sung Jingle production that accompanies your radio, television commercial, podcast or your social media platforms, will help your business increase sales, improve branding and make it memorable to all of your clients.

Some of our other services include, creative copywriting, voice-overs, full production of radio ads, TV spots or commercials and corporate & educational videos, translations, as well as media buy.

We work with advertising agencies, businesses, radio stations, TV stations, colleges, direct clients, etc