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In advertising, it’s important for every piece of the puzzle to complement each other. You might have a good TV commercial and a great Jingle, but if you don't choose the correct stations or schedules to air that commercial, your campaign might fail.

Also, if you choose the correct stations and schedules but you don't have a good TV commercial or a professionally-produced Jingle, your campaign might be doomed.

At Lan Media Productions, we do media planning and media buy for you. We do strategic market research and determine which mediums will be most effective for you to use to reach your intended target. At the same time, we'll negotiate the best media rates and help you get the results you need. Hispanic Market or General Market!

You could do this yourself too, but we’ll use our extensive network of contacts in every medium and will get to work for you. We’ll leverage our years of experience to broadcast your message, so you can focus on running your business.

We have the expertise and know-how to select the correct media, choose the right schedules, and we’ll work tirelessly to negotiate the best deal for you!

That's why Lan Media Productions is an obvious choice for handling all of your media production and advertising.

We offer a full-service package for your advertising needs. We’ll create a catchy Jingle, a quality television or radio commercial with a great voice-over, and we’ll work as your advertising consultant, media planner and media buyer. We’ll orchestrate every aspect of your advertising campaign to guarantee increased sales for you!